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Watch this page in the coming weeks for answers to frequently answered questions.


Q: My daughter would like to play softball, but she is in Kindergarten/1st grade. What program should I register her in?

A: Currently our intake programs for young players are either Tee Ball (for K and Pre K) or Single A (1st grade). Both are introductory level programs that provide an introduction to the game and basic skills development. Girls frequently move to the Farm League softball program once they reach the 2nd grade.  


Q: My family is new to the league and I want to register my child in the Tee Ball program. When and where do the kids play?

A: Tee Ball is our entry-level program. Typically there are two 60 minute sessions held during the weekdays at the Upper Green in the Old Town section of Newbury. Sessions are split into a 30-minute practice and 30-minute "game." For additional information visit the Tee Ball description page.


Q: I registered my child for a Tee Ball program, but the final schedule was not available until close to the opening day. I now find that the schedule won't allow for my child to play due to other family obligations. Can I get a refund?

A: In general yes. You may ask the league treasurer as long as you do so prior to the completion of the first week of the season. If you let the first week of the official season pass before you request a refund, then we will not guarantee a full refund.  


Q: I am unable to pay the fee associated with a given program at the time of registration, but I still want my child to play.  What can I do to have my child play?

A: Fees are the league's primary source of revenue which enables us to purchase uniforms, maintain fields, pay insurance, etc.  We offer a 2-week "grace" period from the time of registration to pay. If you are unable to pay within the two weeks your child will be placed on a waitlist and we will assign them to a team once the fee has been paid. However, if as a parent you find that the two-week grace period is not enough time to pay the fee, then please contact a member of the board and we will discuss the matter with you in private.  

Also please note that each season the board establishes a family cap on how much you will be charged. This cap may help reduce costs for families wishing to register multiple children in our programs.  


Q: I recently registered multiple children. When I paid online I see that I was charged less than expected. Is there a mistake?

A: As noted elsewhere in the FAQs, each season the board establishes a family cap on how much you will be charged. This cap may help reduce costs for families wishing to register multiple children in our programs. This may result in a reduced fee for one or more children.   


Q: My child wants to play in a division above what is typical for his/her age. What program should my child register under?

A: The board would prefer if you register your child in the division appropriate for their age and then plan on attending player evaluations where you may request an evaluation for the division your child would like to play in. At player evaluations, coaches will assess player skills and it is the board and coaches that will determine the ultimate placement for your child.  

While we will make efforts to place the player in the division of their choice, the league reserves the right to determine the final placement of your player. Factors that go into the placement of a player include: the skill assessment as compared to other players seeking to be placed in the same division, number of age-eligible players registered, projected number of teams for the division if it is part of the intertown league schedule, team balance, and safety.  


Q: My child has been approved to play in a division above/below the one I registered for. Do I owe or am I owed the difference in program fee?

A:  Yes.  

If you find that your player will be placed in a division above the one registered then you will be required to pay the difference in fee. The family cap will still be applied so if you have multiple children in the league you may not end up owing any additional money. 

If you find that your player is placed in a division that is below the one registered, then you will be owed the difference between the programs. However, the family cap will apply so if you did not pay the full amount of the regular fee, then the league will not refund the money back to you.    


Q: I would like to make a coach request for my child. How do I request a specific coach/team?

A: Because we are a volunteer organization we do not often know who will be returning as a coach until evaluations or sometimes right up to before player draft. Coaches who consistently return to help with the current season often are "following" their own child through the divisions of play. Players are assigned to a team roster through a draft-style process where coaches take turns selecting players for their teams which is typically done in early March. For these reasons, we can not guarantee placement on a specific team or under a specific coach.    


Q: I see that participation in player evaluations is mandatory. Does my child really need to go?

A: We do not ask Tee Ball or Single A players to attend evaluations because these are introductory level programs. For all other programs, we ask parents to make efforts to bring their player to evaluations even if they have played in the league or a particular division in the past. This is especially true for the Majors where there are a limited number of spots available and player safety is of concern.  

Players seeking to be placed in a division above what is typically appropriate for their age must attend both the evaluation of their age group and the level they are aspiring to. Evaluation day is our opportunity to see your child's skill level and to make the final determination of what division is appropriate.


Q: What are the typical age categories by program for the league

A: See the table below. Note that these are typical. It is not unusual for a player to be placed either "above" or "below" their age-appropriate division. This decision is made by the league through the lens of player safety, skills development, and balance across teams.  

Typical school grades appropriate by program division
Baseball  School Grade Notes

Tee Ball

Pre K - K

While we do offer Tee Ball for Pre K children age 4 and over, we recommend that you contact the registrar if you have any questions about the appropriateness of this level of play for your child


Single A = 1st Grade

Double A = 2nd Grade

Triple A = 3rd - 4th Grade



5th - 6th It is possible for a 7th grader to play in the majors depending on the date of their birthday.  Contact the registrar.
Softball School Grade Notes


2nd - 4th

Players who are in Kindergarten or 1st Grade should register in the Tee Ball or Single A program as these are introductory level divisions and appropriate for Baseball or Softball


5th - 6th



7th - 8th  


Q: Does my child need to attend Newbury Elementary School or one of the Triton Regional School district schools to play in the league?

A: No. This is a community league open to all Newbury residents and it is not a requirement that your child attends school within the district. There is a residency requirement for baseball and certain rules for out-of-town players seeking to play softball. See our residency policy on the general information page.