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About Minor League Play

The following information about the Minor League at BNBSL is provided to help parents understand the various levels of play. Please note that you will be asked what level of play is desired for your child during registration. However, please also understand that the results of the player evaluations will factor into the ultimate placement of your child. 



Typical Age Group:

TRIPLE A is appropriate for players in the 3rd and 4th grades.


TRIPLE A is geared toward introducing players to higher levels of competition and skill development, particularly preparing players for play at our MAJOR LEAGUE level. At this level of play, all pitching is done by players, and pitching is strictly monitored (i.e., limited innings per week) for safety and development. All third graders are considered for advancement to TRIPLE A at player evaluations. 

Core skills:

All players at TRIPLE A must be able to (1) throw and catch a ball from across the diamond (i.e., from 3rd base to 1st base), (2) be able to demonstrate proper batting mechanics independently, and (3) be comfortable in a batter’s box with live pitching from strong 3rd or 4th-grade players. 

With input from parents and coaches, these determinations shall be made at pre-season player evaluations. Teams at this level play on fields that have 60-foot base paths. The pitcher’s mound is a distance of 46 feet from home plate. Teams typically have 1-2 practices per week with one game per week.



Typical Age Group:

DOUBLE A is appropriate for players in the 2nd grade.


Introduced for 2nd-grade students, DOUBLE A is a relatively new level of play throughout Little League programs. It is designed to help players make the challenging transition from coach-pitched games to player-pitched games. The game rules at this level are a combination of rules used in SINGLE A and TRIPLE A (including a limited amount of walks per inning to keep games moving while still developing young pitchers). 

The players pitch from 40 feet, and the base paths are 60 feet. This level emphasizes developing pitchers and basic game techniques in the infield. 

Core Skills:

Players at this level must be able to develop a comfort level with batting against player pitching. All 2nd-grade players who can demonstrate proper technique throwing and catching a ball may play at this level. 

Parents who do not feel their child is prepared for this level may inform BNBSL, and an additional year at coach pitch (Single A) can be arranged. Teams typically have 1-2 practices per week with one game per week.



Typical Age Group:

SINGLE A is appropriate for players in the 1st grade.


Typically for 1st graders, SINGLE A is a coach-pitched level of play for beginning players in first or second grade. Basic skills such as throwing, catching, and batting stance are taught. Games are played against Rowley, Salisbury, and other Byfield-Newbury teams, and scores are not recorded. An emphasis on having fun and learning the game is promoted at this level. Teams meet twice a week at the Newbury Upper Green field for 1/2 hour practice and 1/2 hour game.

Core Skills:

Players at this level have no specific skill requirements. Players should be comfortable with an adult pitching to them.  Completing at least one year in the Tee Ball program is highly recommended but not required.