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About Major League Play


The following information about the Major League at BNBSL is provided to help parents understand the level of play.


Major League


Typical Age Group:

The Major League is appropriate for players in the 5th and 6th grades.


The Major League represents the most competitive level of play in BNBSL. Results of the player evaluations are a significant factor in determining participation at this level of play. All sixth graders and most fifth graders should be able to advance to this level. 

In addition, advanced fourth graders may be considered for this level of play based upon a combination of coaches’ recommendations, performance at pre-season player evaluations, and space availability at the Major League level. 

BNBSL is part of an inter-town league and travel will be required to surrounding communities. Teams play on fields that have 70-foot base paths. The pitcher’s mound is a distance of 50 feet from home plate.

Core Skills:

Players at this level are assumed to be comfortable being in the batter's box facing against a player pitcher. Players should have developed a good grasp of the basic rules of play and have appropriate batting and fielding skills to play in a competitive environment against their peers.