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The Farm division is the second tier level of softball in BNBSL designed to transition from coach-pitched games to player-pitched games. Players should be comfortable with being at-bat with a player pitching. Pitchers pitch from a 35 foot pitching distance. If a pitcher walks 3 batters in a half inning, then a coach comes in to pitch to their own team to finish out the inning. Coaches cannot field the ball. Pitchers may pitch again at any point in the game.

Coaches build on the introductory pre-farm level to further develop throwing, catching, and hitting skills and also introduce pitching and more complicated game techniques in the infield. Coaches strive to have players play multiple positions during the season. There is no stealing or bunting, and a maximum of 4 runs can be scored per inning. This level is open for girls in grades 3 and 4. 

Players should have an appropriate size glove and helmet with face mask. Fielding masks are optional at this level but highly recommended and a must for pitchers. At this level, the ball is an 11 inch hard softball. BNBSL provides balls and appropriate bats. Players will receive a team jersey and hat which should be worn to each game.