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Welcome to the 2020 Season Registration Page

The BNBSL board welcomes you to the 2020 season registration.  We urge parents to read about our registration policies by visiting the General Information page.  There you will find the latest information about our residency requirements, evaluations, and fees.  If you have any questions regarding our programs or policies please feel free to contact the registrar.  Contact information for the registrar may be found on the Board page.

AA Player Registration 2020

Intern town rules mandate that players at this level must be in 2nd grade.

Introduced for 2nd-grade students Double-A is a fairly new level of play throughout Little League programs. It is designed to help players make the challenging transition from coach-pitched games to player-pitched games.  The game rules at this level are a combination of rules used in SINGLE A and TRIPLE A (and include, for instance, a limited amount of walks per inning to keep games moving while still developing young pitchers). 

The players pitch from 40 feet and the base paths are at 60 feet.  This level has an emphasis on developing pitching skills and basic game techniques in the infield. 

Parents are encouraged to view our general information page for the latest information on residency requirements and fee policies.

Base Cost: $170.00

Opened: 11/15/2019
Closes: 07/13/2020

12 registrations

Baseball Coaches 2020

Volunteer coach registration for all levels of play in the baseball program. 

Opened: 11/15/2019
Closes: 04/24/2021

Open to: Men & Women

Softball Coaches 2020

Softball volunteer coach registration for all levels of play.

Opened: 11/15/2019
Closes: 04/24/2021

Open to: Men & Women