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About Your League

BNBSL is a community league run solely by volunteers and is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization. Board members and coaches are parents of current or past players in the league.  We are separate and distinct from the school district run sports programs offered by Triton although we may partner with Triton on such things as the use of school district facilities. The monies we collect go toward field maintenance, insurance, uniforms, basic equipment, paying umpires, and other expenses incurred during the season.

Residency  Requirement

Starting with the 2016 season Byfield-Newbury Baseball Softball League (BNBSL) adopted a residency requirement for all levels of play for both the Baseball and Softball programs.  The policy has been adopted to be consistent with those currently in place within the surrounding communities with whom BNBSL engages in both competitive and noncompetitive play.   A player is considered to be a resident if at least one of the following conditions are met:
  • The primary residence of the player is within the town of Newbury, Massachusetts including Byfield.
  • The player attends Newbury Elementary School either as a resident or as a school choice program student.
  • One of the player's parents or legal guardians maintains a permanent residence within the town of Newbury.

If you have a question whether you meet the residency requirements please contact the registrar.

2017 Requirement Clarification for Softball

Because the Softball and Baseball intertown leagues are handled differently and operate under different rules, a non-resident player may request to register and play for BNBSL's softball program.  However, as a courtesy BNBSL will connect with the player's hometown league first.  If the hometown league is agreeable to that player's desire to play for BNBSL then the registration will be allowed.  If you have any questions regarding the policy then please contact the registrar.

Payment of Fees

BNBSL works to keep it's player fees (fees) as low as possible.  The league incurs many costs over the course of each season which include but are not limited to; umpires, field maintenance, equipment, insurance, and uniforms.  Many of these costs need to be paid before the first games of the season.  For this reason we prefer that payment be made at the time of registration.  However, we will allow a 7 day "grace" period to pay online or to send a check to the league.  If after 7 days from registration payment of the fee is not made then the player will be "waitlisted" and not placed on a team.  Once payment has been received the player's registration reinstated.  

However, if a family finds that it can not afford to pay the fee then they may contact the registrar or program player agents to discuss the matter in confidence.  If an accommodation can be made then the BNLL board would rather see a child play than be turned away.


Which Program to Choose 

Programs are divided up by school age.  The table below are the typical grades associated with each program.  

Typical school grades appropriate by program division
Baseball  School Grade Notes

Tee Ball

Pre K - K

While we do offer Tee Ball for Pre K children age 4 and over, we recommend that you contact the registrar if you have any questions about the appropriateness of this level of play for your child


Single A = 1st Grade

Double A = 2nd Grade

Triple A = 3rd - 4th Grade



5th - 6th It is possible for a 7th grader to play in the majors depending on the date of their birthday.  Contact the registrar.
Softball School Grade Notes


2nd - 4th

Players who are in Kindergarten or 1st Grade should register in the Tee Ball or Single A program as these are introductory level divisions and appropriate for Baseball or Softball


5th - 6th



7th - 8th  

Softball Registration

Information specific to the softball program, including descriptions of the levels of play may be found on the Softball Information page. 

Baseball Program Levels of Play

Descriptions of the levels of play for Tee Ball through Majors may be found under the Registration Information tab or directly through these links:

Tee Ball

Minor League

Major League


As background information, BNBSL plays in the Intertown Baseball League at the Major League, Triple A and, in part, the Double A levels.  The Intertown League is comprised of teams from Byfield-Newbury, Salisbury, Georgetown, Rowley, Merrimac and Seabrook and Groveland.  This “travel” experience for players, coaches, and parents has been successful and rewarding.

Every Double A, Triple A, and Major League player will be required to attend our Annual Player Evaluation Session held at The Governor’s Academy . This event will afford league officials and coaches an opportunity to evaluate each player who will then be placed in a pool for their league’s draft.  Please note that this is an evaluation and that registrants will be placed on teams appropriate for their age.  Softball players are asked to attend as well for their own evaluation.

Note: Tee Ball & Single A players do not need to attend evaluations as these are introductory programs


I can't make the the designated time slot posted on the home page.  What do I do?

We will still evaluate your player.  However, you may experience a delay as we try to fit your player in the rotation.


My player wants to play a level up.  When should I arrive?

Parents of players who wish to be placed at a level above their age group must attend evaluations for the level appropriate for their age and the level they are looking to place into.  

Placement in a division above is dependent upon exceptional performance and availability of open positions.  This process gives your children the best opportunity to be placed on a balanced team.  Parents may provide their input on which level they feel is best for their child.  The league will ultimately make the final determination after input from coaches and parents. 


Can I register my player at evaluations?

Yes.  Staff will be on hand to register your player.  If WIFI is available then we will have electronic registration available otherwise we will accept paper registration.  To save time at the registration desk you may download registration forms ahead of time and bring the finished form.  Payment is requested with your registration form and checks will be accepted.  

Coach Requests

BNBSL is a volunteer organization where coaching positions are usually staffed by parents of active players registered in the league.  Our staffing needs for a given season are not determined until after registration & player evaluations are complete and we are able to determine the number of players & teams for each level of play.  BNBSL strives to provide the best athletic learning experience that we can give.  The skills evaluation process is a key factor in assuring that teams, especially at the higher levels of league play, are balanced. 

For these reasons we regret that we can not guarantee a parent's specific team or coach requests for their child. 

Schedule Requests

Scheduling poses a challenge for each program we offer.  In general we are constrained by the availability of fields,  the requirements of teams within the intertown league, weather, and our volunteer coaches.  Schedules are often not finalized until middle or late March for our Single A, Double A, Triple A, and Majors levels of play.  Tee Ball schedules are often not finalized until just before the beginning of the season.  

Because our Tee Ball program utilizes open field space rather than a diamond we use the far outfield space in the Upper Green in Newbury.  During registration we may offer to take requests from parents for which evenings we will schedule sessions.  However, please note that we can not guarantee that your particular request will be granted.  Factors that determine the final schedule include:

  • Coach needs: Coaches are volunteers.  We need to accomodate a coach's schedule needs above players
  • Weather: We may need to adjust the season duration, nights ustilized, and times based on prevaling weather conditions
  • What works best for all:  We will look at parent requests and choose nights that impact the least number of families.

For all other programs we do not consider parent requests.    

Contact the Registrar

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the registrar.